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  • Can I dump my yard waste such as grass clippings or leaves in the brush pile?
    No.  Only brush and tree/tree branches.  The brush pile is not a compost pile.  No grass clipping, leaves, fencing, cement, wooden playsets, tires, appliances, or chemicals of any kind can go in the brush pile.  Believe it or not we have found these items down there and your fellow neighbors must clean it out and haul it to the dump.  Violators will have their gate key cards closed for one year.  Only brush and tree/tree branches are allowed.   Every 2 or 3 years, we hire a service to mulch all the wood.  Homeowners are then allowed to take and use whatever they wish.
  • I have hired a service to cut down trees. Can I have them dump the debris in the brush pile?
    No.  If it is too big for you to handle, then it is too big for our volunteers to manage.  Services are required to haul away the debris.  Do not give them your key card to unload.  Violators can lose their privileges for access to the Corral and the tree or brush pile for one year.
  • Is it okay for me to let others use the brush pile?
    No and no again.  Your dues go towards satisfying the expense related to maintaining our brush pile.  It is for members in our association only.  If you are caught lending your key card or bringing brush in from outside the neighborhood, your key card can be turned off for one year.
  • When can I use the brush pile?
    The brush pile is open on the weekends only except if it has been reserved.  Please check the home page of the website for reservations when the area will be closed.  Go to the top right and click on “View All Events” under the Upcoming Events section.  Do not enter the facility if the Brush Pile closed sign is by the entrance.
    The brush pile closes in the winter.  We do not plow the road during this time.  You will be notified via the Skyline Neighborhood email when this happens.  We also close it when it rains or if it is muddy.  Vehicles can get stuck and will cause major ruts.

    Please do not throw brush over the fence or leave it somewhere for others to pick up.  Gate key cards and security cameras monitor the area 24/7.  Violators can potentially lose their privileges for access to the Corral and the tree or brush pile for one year.

  • Do I need to reserve the corral in order to use it?
    No.  The Skyline Corral and any other property (trails and other common ground) belonging or controlled and maintained by the SRPOA is “Private” property and for use by members in good standing.
    Members in good standing can use the facility any time you wish for no additional fee with multiple members and their guests using the facility.  Members in good standing do not need to make a reservation to use the facility.  However, there may be times in which members may want to use it for a private event such as a family reunion, graduation party, birthday party, or a horse or arena related event etc. therefore closing it off to other members.  Reservations mean that you have the exclusive right to use it and the brush pile becomes closed.  Events will be posted on our website and a black and yellow sign (portable reservation sign) will be posted by the gates and the brush pile will be closed during the event.
  • How much does it cost to reserve the corral?
    Reserving the Corral area is $50 for members in good standing plus a $50 deposit for clean up.  Two checks should be written and payable to the SRPOA.  One of the two checks will be returned when the portable reservation sign has been returned. For additional information please go to the front page of our website and click on the “Documents” button and then on the “Skyline Corral Reservation Application” button.
    Weddings are $250 for members in good standing per day.  So if you wish to have a prenuptial dinner one evening and the wedding/reception the next, then it is $250 per event.  An additional  $100 deposit is required at the time of booking and refunded if the property is returned in the condition it was found including all trash and decorations be removed and any damages be repaired.  Weddings for non-members who are "Sponsored" by a member is $500.
  • I have a friend that wants to reserve the corral area, what is the policy and how much does it cost?
    If you have a friend that would like to reserve the area for an activity such as a family reunion, graduation party, birthday, horse and other arena related events, etc, it is $100 and they must be “Sponsored” by a member.  An additional deposit of $100 is required at the time of booking, and refunded if the property is returned in the condition it was found. All trash and decorations must be hauled away and any damages must be repaired.
    “Sponsoring” means that you must be a member in good standing and that you will be present during the entire event which includes setting up, the actual event, and the clean up that follows.  Sponsors are responsible for all activity that happens on the SRPOA property.  Sponsors may not lend their key cards to the friends. 
    Weddings for non-homeowners that are “Sponsored” is $500 per event and again, sponsors must be present during the entire event to include set up, actual event and clean up.  A second check for $100 is required at the time of booking and refunded if the property is returned in the condition it was found.  All trash and decorations must be hauled away and any damages must be repaired.
  • What if someone wants to take pictures in the corral?
    Non-member wishing to use the amenities of Skyline Corral for the purposes of family and graduation pictures may do so by permission only.  Requests can be made by email at:  Photographers will be given a permission slip and must have it on them when in the corral.  This helps to ensure that they are not present when reserved events are taking place and to ensure that the area is not overrun by non-homeowners. 
  • Who do I contact about reserving the corral area?
    Amy Schuchman is responsible for corral area reservations.  You may contact her at or at 949-375-3103.
    You must be a member in good standing (dues paid).

  • I plan on building a garage or put up a new fence? Do I need to contact the Association?
    The answer is yes.  The Architectural Committee needs to review and sign off on all building additions.  The City will not issue a permit until they receive the SRPOA stamp of approval. 
  • I plan on replacing my roof. What materials are allowed?
    Voted and Ratified by a special meeting of the Officers and Directors of Skyline Ranches Property Owners Association at a posted regular meeting on Thursday, August 13, 2008; Revision to Article VII, Section 4 – An option to the standard requirement of wood and/or wood shake shingles for roofing material shall be the following: CertainTeed (manufacturer) Presidential A/R (product line) laminated and tabbed shingle in any tone from a base color of Brown ONLY!
    You can also find this information by going to the website on the left side of the home page click on “Documents”.  Next click on “Bylaws”.  Go to the last page.  The latest shingle option is listed under the Covenant Revision section.

  • How much are my dues and what do they go towards?
    Dues are $200 per year.  Per our bylaws, we cannot issue invoices until the annual meeting which is held in May.  However, dues run the calendar year from January through December.

    Dues cover maintenance of all common property, trails, and the corral area, social events such as the fall and spring picnic, 4th of July celebration, Easter Hunt (to name a few), insurance, taxes, fence repair, maintenance of entrance markers and berms, riding arena, crows next, pavilions, port a potties, brush pile removal, corral street maintenance, water fall, water fountain, and Quonset plus more.
  • I'm not sure if I owe dues. Who do I contact?
    Contact Bruce Thiebauth at . 

  • I have lost my key card and need a replacement. How can I get another one?
    Contact Jeannie Peterson at .  Each homeowner is given one free key card.  Replacement cards are $25 each. 
    Do not lend your key cards to neighbors.  Any activity that occurs in the corral area due to access with your key card is your responsibility.  Believe it or not, but people have dumped tires, swing sets, cement and other debris in the brush pile.  Your lent key means that you are responsible for the cleanup and your key will be disabled for the abuse for a period of one year.
  • My neighbor lost his key card. Can I lend him mine?
    No.  Each member in good standing is issued a card and they can purchase replacement cards for $25.  Anything that happens in the corral area while your card is being used as access is your responsibility.
    Members who do not have an active card may be in arrears with their dues.
  • Why isn't my key card working?
    It could be because the card has been damaged, it was reported as lost, rules violation, the card belonged to a previous homeowner who moved, or if dues have not been paid by January 1st the following year after they were due.  Sometimes they might have accidentally been closed (fat fingered).  Contact Theresa Johnson for help.

  • Do we have a neighborhood watch?
    Yes.  If you have any questions, contact Cesile Johnson at .
    Whenever we have information to share with the neighborhood, you will receive it in the form of an email from Theresa Johnson.

  • Can people outside of the neighborhood use the Quonset storage facility?
    That is both a yes and no question.  Homeowners have first priority.  After all the space if filled, we will open it to family and friends.  With that said, we have not had additional space available for some time.
  • I have a boat, RV, motorcycle etc and I heard there is a storage area in the corral. Who do I contact and what are the fees?
    You can email Scott Rouse at .  An email will be sent to all homeowners letting them know that we will be taking applications.  Everyone gets the email at the same time.  Move in date is usually in November and the move out date is usually in April.  It depends on whether or not there is snow on the ground.  We pack all vehicles in there pretty tightly so once they go in, they cannot come out until the date is announced in April.
    The fees are based on the length and axle of the vehicle.  For more information and rules, go the website and click on the “Documents” button on the left side of the home page.  Next click on “Storage Reservation”.  All the fees and rules can be found there.

  • Can I drive my ATV, Golf Cart, 4 Wheeler, Motorcycle on the trail?
    No.  The trails are equine trails and are for horse/riders and walkers only.  There are over 50 signs throughout the neighborhood at the road edges with our policy. 
    As you can imagine, vehicles may spook a horse causing injury or worse.  Construction equipment causes horrible ruts and destruction.  In addition, pleasure riding of vehicles on the trails causes damage to the turf and causes ruts.  With nothing to prevent the rain runoff, major rutting has occurred in some parts.  Your dues must cover the repair. 
  • Can I dump grass clippings or leaves in the trail system or in the ditch around the trails?

    No.  Do not dump yard waste in the ditches or trails around the neighborhood.  When this dumping occurs, it prevents the grasses and root systems of plants from taking hold.  Therefore erosion occurs including the blocking up of the culverts that run in this system. 
    This is considered dumping and is against the law.  Violators will be reported and required to clean up the mess.
    The City of Omaha garbage company will haul it away for free.  It's part of your taxes.
  • Can I plant trees on the trail?
    Any planting of anything on the trails or on any other property owned by the SRPOA must be approved by the Board of Directors. 
  • Can I ride my horse on the trails while it is wet?
    As tempting as it is to ride during or after a rain, please refrain from doing so.  Horses not only can cause damage but you risk injury to your horse or yourself if they slip on the wet grass.
  • Can I use the trails to get access to my property for construction, yard maintenance, hay delivery, landscaping, propane delivery, tree trimming etc?

    As always, the trail system throughout the neighborhood should not be used as an alternative access to your property for any reason.  Damage to the trail system will be the responsibility of the homeowner and you will be billed for its repair.  It is SRPOA’s responsibility to protect a unique trail system, to protect the horse riders who might have a vehicle come up behind them, and to protect the horse or the walker from ruts or uneven ground. 
    Signs are posted at most trail entrances and reminders are made 4 times a year (at a minimum) in the neighborhood email newsletter.
  • Can we drive snowmobiles on the trails?
    Yes, as long as there is plenty of snow.  If there is not enough snow coverage, snowmobiles can cause damage.  So, please use good judgement.  Laws regarding the operation of a motor vehicle still apply.
    Our trails are private property and for our members and their guest only. 

  • How do I get signed into the website?
    On the top left of the home page is a “Register” button.  Click on that and fill in the information.  Your login details will be emailed to the email address you provided once your account is approved by the administrator.
  • I cannot remember my password to get signed into the website. What do I do?
    On the top left of the home page is a “Login” button.  Next click on the “Forgot Password” button.  You will then be instructed to type in your email address in the “Username” field and then to click on the “Forgot Password” button.  A new password will be emailed to you.
  • Is there a directory of homeowners?
    Yes.  All homeowners who wish to participate can put their information on the website.  Go to the home page and on the left side, click on “Resident Directory”.  You will be instructed to sign in for access.  Only homeowners can get into this section of the website.