Community Directory

Building Permits                                                                                       444-5380
Mayors Hotline
      Cars, Junk Trailers on public or private property                                   444-5555
      City Services information or Complaints
      Nuisance Vehicles (dead storage-street, lawn, off pavement)
      Trailers or cars parked on lawns
Chuck Holes, Debris, Litter Blocking Street                                                 444-4919
Code Enforcement/Planning & zoning enforcement                                      444-5371
Garbage Collection/Recycling/Complaints/Information                                 444-5238
Mayors Office                                                                                           444-5000
Parks & Recreation                                                                                   444-5900
Public Works Department                                                                          444-5220
Snow Removal Complaints (4 hour line)                                                     444-4919
Street Construction problems/complaints                                                   444-5109
Traffic Signal not working                                                                         444-5160
Tree limbs. Hedges Blocking view of traffic                                                 444-5925
Trees, Downed limbs on right-of-way                                                         444-4919
Weeds over 18, Yard litter                                                                        444-5910
Public Safety
Arson Hotline                                                                                           444-3473
Community Resource Center, NW area                                                       444-7743
Crimes in Progress                                                                                    911