• November 4, 2020
  • Dear Neighbors,
    As we all fight through the difficulties that our ‘pandemic’ has put us through, I’m hopeful this note finds you and your family in good health and spirit. An earlier note sent to membership in April notified you that we were not able to hold our annual meeting due to restrictions imposed on us by the state & federal government. As that status changed a little over two months ago to Level 4 (no capacity restrictions and 6’ personal spacing), your board of directors were hopeful that we might be able to hold an in-person meeting. Unfortunately, most of the locations we could hold such a meeting were not available at that time and just last week Governor Ricketts shifted the states meeting restrictions back to Level 2 (50% capacity and min. 6’ personal spacing) closing any chance of having an in-person meeting before the end of the year.
    As previously reported to you, due to the unforeseen and extremely unusual circumstances the Covid19 pandemic brought to all of us, we were forced to suspend several of our association rules; (article III, section 1) (article IV, section 2) (article V, section 1 & 2). This does not mean, however; that your Board of Directors are not performing and engaged in the business of managing what is important and significant to SRPOA members and our neighborhood. We (the Board) continue to meet virtually and in person for the good of our neighborhood and our association.
    As we all press on to create ‘the new normal’, your Board of Directors looks forward to a time not too far into the future when we can all get together to meet and discuss our common goals for the good of Skyline Ranches Property Owners!
    For the Board,
    Michael Dudzinski
    President, SRPOA