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Skyline Tree and Dump
Posted on Jun 22nd, 2017

Dear SRPOA Members,
Recently, your association had to dispose of the mass of tree branches and other brush at our ‘dump’ area inside Skyline Corral. It has become necessary that we hire outside contractors to grind the product as we can no longer burn and hauling the pile away is too expensive. The equipment used in this process is jumbo sized and ‘very’ expensive to operate. Over the last several years, we have spent in excess of $6,000 per year to dispose of the tree branches and brush left along with ‘at least’ two trailer loads of garbage, stone, lumber, fence, tires, etc…
While we have exhaustingly researched for ways to lessen the pile (and our expenses), we have little control of the in-flow when the facility is open Friday afternoons to Monday morning ‘every’ weekend and with no supervision whatsoever. What we have come to realize (by trial & error) is that not all of the product arriving at our gates is from our neighborhood. Members (somewhat regularly) allow friends & family access to the facility as it’s too convenient to go anywhere else to dump trees and brush. While the use of our pile is restricted to ‘members non-commercial use only’, three commercial tree companies since this spring have used our drop off point with the permission and access card of a member. We hauled a 16’ trailer load of refuse from the area to the Douglas County dump already this spring! When the facility is closed due to weather or scheduled events, members are still finding ways to either go around the gates or simply dumping outside the gate, leaving the mess for someone else to clean up.
While all of this has transpired, our Spring and Fall Cleanups have dwindled in support to the extent that the same 8-10 faces are the only ones that show up in support of a neighborhood wide effort to cleanup and beautify our neighborhood. Historically, the ‘only’ time the tree and brush pile was open was during the two annual cleanup events, and they would draw the support of 30-40 neighbors willing to help; still far short of the 235 homeowners in our community but a much greater show of support. Our trail committee currently consists of 2-4 volunteers!
In a measure to get control of this facility and our expenses, your Board of Directors has voted to have our tree and brush pile open the second weekend of every month only! We will make every effort to not schedule events during those days that may interfere with your ability to drop off tree limbs and brush only.  Further, if any member is found 1) dumping trash or other debris not allowed in this facility and 2) Allowing non-members the access and use of our facility for trees and brush; your card to access Skyline Corral shall be revoked for a period of one (1) year.
For the Board,
Michael Dudzinski
President, SRPOA