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Room for rent Wanted!
Posted on Oct 29th, 2009

Help, we are still looking for a room for the winter and need a compassionate neighbor and SRPOA member to step forward. We will pay for all of our own food, snacks, and sleeping needs; we will also bring along our own furniture and provide for our heating needs and a swimming pool to take the occasional cool plunge.
All we need is a dry place to stay inside and out of the cold winter winds and the horrible snows that follow. We don't need a significant amount of care; and an empty stall in your horse barn is more than sufficient. Please call our current landlord,Mike at 289-1741 for further details. We will need to move away from the comforts of our home as soon as the pond in Skyline Corral freezes.
Will you please help?
Larry, Daryl, Darlene and children