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Posted on Dec 7th, 2009

Finally, you get to blow the dust off those lonely snow mobiles and show them a little attention. Hurrah! Let’s not forget to practice a little safe driving while running those sleds up the trails. Please remember that others 'on foot' use the trails in the snow as well and could be hurt if you’re not in control. Our suggestion, If you really want to open them up, do so inside the boundaries of Skyline Corral. There is a lot of open space to really get your sled moving and less danger of hitting a fellow neighbor enjoying the winter weather.

While riding on the trails, please try to be respectful of others property and confine your travel to the trails only and not members yard. Remember, guests may only participate in this activity if they are in the company of an SRPOA member in good standing; and as always, four wheelers and other types of ATV's are strickly prohibited. Please ride at your own risk as SRPOA will not be held responsible for personal injury or property damage due to the risk being accepted by participants of such an activity.

WARNING! The ice depth on the pond in Skyline Corral is @ 1 to 2 1/2 inches and is not sturdy enough to support any activity such as skating or ice fishing. Please refrain from venturing out on the ice until further notice.