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Jingle Bell & Horse Ride Parade
Posted on Dec 10th, 2016

Tomorrow, December 11th there be a Jingle Bell & Horse Ride parade in the neighborhood.  The Omaha Mounted Horse Patrol will lead the parade.   Because of the cold weather and chili winds, the event will now start at the Skyline Ranches corral and head over to Skyline Elementary. 

Anyone wishing to make a donation of non-perishable food or clothing donations can drop them off at the QC Supply, 21206 Cumberland Drive, on Sunday from 9-5pm.  The Horse Patrol will personally drop off the donated items to the Open Door Mission. 

KETV NewsWatch 7 will be doing live broadcasts in support of the Mounted Patrol and the Open Door Mission.

The parade is suppose to start at 11 am and go through the neighborhood.  Because of the weather, they have had to alter their plans so I do not have a current map.  Sorry.

Keep your eyes peeled . . . The Omaha Mounted Horse Patrol is pretty impressive.