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Spring Update 2009
Posted on Mar 16th, 2009

Wow, what a weekend! Finally, things are starting to come back to life after the long winter slumber. With the warm days ahead, I\'m sure everyone is anxious to get out and begin the sprucing up projects for the upcoming year. If your yard/trees/bushes are anything like mine, you too will begin the clipping frenzy on the over and under growth. Just a warning though, the burn area has not yet opened for the season. Far too much snow and rainfall over the last few months have made that area a mud bog. Please respect the signs and don\'t make attempts to enter the burn area until it\'s officially opened. When you say? When it dries up, of course.
Included in the "please use some common sense" driving instructions is the use of the trials for any vehicular use. They too have absorbed a great deal of water over the winter and are not in any condition to support traffic. It seems the trails have been the choice of many members for access to their property for construction/cleanup purposes. They are, however; not intended for nor should they be used for such purposes.
Along with the warm weather this has started the usual "kids being kids" routine; trying out their off road driving skills in the park and around the neighborhood. Breaking down fences and leaving tire ruts for others to repair is frustrating! Here\'s the simple fix; call the Omaha Police and report their plate number to them. Your association has no problem with filing charges of willful destruction of property against acts of stupidity.
Yours truly had the dubious honor of housing our park residents for the winter; I\'m sure you can\'t forget our three white geese, could you? Well, there are six white geese that will grace the shores of our pond this summer. Yes, Larry, his brother Daryl and his other \'sister\' Darlene were a little busy over the winter. They’re going to make their grand return as soon as it gets a little warmer. Maybe we can have an official naming contest with the kids of SRPOA. Anyway, their always hungry so don\'t hesitate to stop by with a little scrap now and then. I\'m sure they will all enjoy your donations.