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Voting Proposals & New Directors
Posted on Mar 30th, 2018

Dear SRPOA Members,
I wanted to report the final results of the By-Laws and Covenants change we asked you to vote on at our last Annual Meeting of the Membership on March 25, 2018. If you will recall, the board had two issues to weigh your opinion on: Proposal 1 (By-Laws) was a request to increase the annual dues by $50.00. Proposal 2 (Covenants) was a measure to change parking of recreational/storage vehicles from behind the front of the homes building line instead of behind the homes rear building line.
Proposal 1:  I wish to report that the motion carried with overwhelming support and the annual dues will increase $50 per year for a total of $250 annually beginning this year.
Proposal 2: I wish to report that the motion failed and the rule for parking recreational/storage vehicles will remain as noted in our established covenants.
For those not present at our annual meeting, the folloowing members were voted to the Board of Directors of SRPOA to serve a three (3) year term:
Matt Castle
Christy Christiansen
Michael Dudzinski
Paul Randazzo
For the Board,
Michael Dudzinski