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Skyline Corral Rental Information and other Documents
Posted on May 1st, 2012

May 12, 2012
I just wanted to report some changes that are being made to provide members with information critical to the function of our neighborhood and it's amenities. On the documents page of this website you will (soon) be able to download the following forms:
  • Application to rent Skyline Corral
  • Application for winter storage
  • Tree and Brush pile rules
  • Trails Committee Rules & Regulations
Applications to reserve Skyline Corral for your own private use will require a check for $50 along with your application as a deposit. For several years, private events have left the association with a big job of cleaning up, a function that volunteers are no longer willing to do. If the litter and remnants of your event are cleaned up, $25 of that deposit will be refunded to you. Why a $25 fee? When you reserve Skyline Corral, the event you hold is for your own private and exclusive use which deprives other members of the same. No other members are allowed to use the arena, tree and brush dump or picnic shelter while your event is under way. A sign for the gate will be provided to warn others of your exclusive rights and an attempt to make scheduled events posted on the web site will also be made. Any member of SRPOA in good standing may reserve Skyline Corral and it's many amenities for their own desired events. I must repeat so there is no confusion; the arena, tree and brush dump and picnic shelter are CLOSED  while any event in underway. Please respect others as you would have them respect you and use the facilities at another time. Safety as well as courtesy are the guidelines for these decisions and they are not negotiable.