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Playground Initiative!
Posted on Jul 6th, 2011

Dear Neighbors,
                                               Proposed Addittion!
               Please vote and make your opinion known on the main page
I am spear-heading an effort to have a playground installed at Skyline Corral. With all of the landscaping and seating that has been donated by our members, it has enhanced the use and beauty of the entire area. We would like to expand those efforts by adding to the functionality and attraction of Skyline Corral. Our neighborhood offers its residents many miles of beautiful trails, a pond, horse arena, storage facility, equestrian jumping, picnic and fire pit gathering area that are used by many of our residents. Installing a playground would offer the younger members of our community an area to play.
Jeannie Runty and I have found concluded that Backyard Playworld has the best price and services available for our neighborhood. The system we have chosen will include four swings (including a baby swing), a slide, rock and activity wall, steering wheel and binoculars in outpost look-out. The set will be all redwood with green plastic components only. There will be no bright load colors that will detract from the natural beauty currently enjoyed at Skyline Corral. Depending on the interest our residents show in the playset, we are able to add features at a later time.
Our idea is to place the play set to the west of the pond and (near) the waterfall. This would maximize the use of our seating that is currently available, provide shade for parents/grandparents while children play, and enable residents to enjoy the scenery of the existing waterfall and pond.
We are asking for donations to contribute to the purchase the play set system. Our goal is $10,000 which will cover the playset, installation and landscaping needed for the area. A generous neighbor has already offered to level off the play area and prepaid it for our need at no charge.
    It is our interest to make this happen as soon as funding (and the board of directors of SRPOA) will allow us to do so; please consider helping provide a place for the smallest members of our community. Earmark your donation “playground”, and help out today! If you have any questions regarding our endeavor, please don’t hesitate to call me. Funds collected over and above the value of the equipment will be held by the association for maintenance and repairs.
Katie Foster
                 Please vote and make your opinon known on the main page.
  While the playground equipment poses no addittional expense for insurance coverages, there would be the liablity of ongoing maintenance and repairs. While the collections may cover the cost, there is no gaurantee that any funds will be available to maintain and repair the play system as needed. There is also a considerable risk of having such a distraction near water. Parents that are not always attentive or available when children are at play would not be able to gaurd against the risk of accidental drowning. The final point the opposition would like to express is that a play ground next to the waterfalls/pond would detract from the peacefulness and natural setting we all now enjoy.