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Mountain Lion Spotted
Posted on Aug 26th, 2016

Here's the good news . . . they are not interested in us and are actually very timid and afraid of humans.  There are way to many humans here for their comfort. 
Here's the bad news . . . they have probably been kicked out of their mother's territory and are looking to establish territory of their own.  They like to follow the river because that is where the prey can be found because everybody has to drink.  Chances are, they are just passing through.  But until they do, make sure to watch out for small dogs and cats.  Deer are their preferred prey but hunger will sometimes encourage them to look at other opportunities.   
Here is a link to the Nebraska Game and Parks website about mountain lions in Nebraska.  Not only does it have some general mountain lion facts but also information about what you can do in case of an encounter.  Don't say it could never happen to you.  One of the mountain lions at the zoo was captured on 114th & Dodge.