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KEEPING UP TO DATE! ~ From the President
Posted on Sep 5th, 2012


As many of you have noticed, you have been on the receiving end of Neighborhood News in the form of an email from our association Vice President, Theresa Johnson. We have found that you are kept up to date on events relative to the neighborhood more from direct communication than through a post on our web page. If any of you member/readers have 'not' been receiving these emails, please send Theresa a note to have your address added to the list. She can be reached at:

It's been a tough year so far for keeping anything green, from your own lawns to the grass in Skyline Corral. Driving on something so brittle and dry doesn't help in its recovery so please keep all vehicles on the hard paved surfaces. Also, being so dry has caused a fire hazard of the grounds; please keep all fires including cigarette butts under close control.

I would like to make an early acknowledgment of the efforts other have made to keep our neighborhood moving forward. Jeannie and Steve Runty spend a tremendous amount of time caring for the flowers and plants around the entrances and waterfalls in Skyline Corral. Susan Williams and board member Jeannie Peterson help out as well cleaning up the area for all to enjoy. Bill Gernstein and his small band of workers feverishly trim back the overgrowth and help make our entire trail system look professionally groomed. THANK YOU, all; for your on-going effort to make our one of a kind neighborhood beautiful.

We have a fall cleanup scheduled in the very near future with a pot-luck picnic to follow. If you don't have anything pressing going on with your weekend day, please consider lending a helping hand with a cleanup of the trails and common ground in Skyline. Those that 'regularly' volunteer would love to see your smiling face, and your willing hands. See our events roster for date and times!

Finally, please be advised (as mentioned in your emails) that the tree and brush pile is only available on 'weekends' when a scheduled event is not in progress.  Please do not throw your mess over the fence or leave it somewhere for other to pick up after you. Violators could potentially lose their privileges for access to Skyline Corral and the tree and brush pile for one year. If you insist on hauling your cut trees and brush during the week, please bring it to Lanoha Nursery on 192nd & West Center road or the county landfill. Over time, your board of directors is hoping to limit the access to this area during the spring and fall cleanup 'only'. The cost of keeping it under control and free from abuse and misuse continues to escalate, and frankly; volunteers that continue to pick up other 'members' refuse are simply tiring from the effort.

I hope the remainder of your year finds you happy, healthy, and confident knowing we live in the best neighborhood in Nebraska!