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Pond Fountain Out Of Commission
Posted on Sep 16th, 2016

Algae is found in all water, even filtered water.   They are simple primitive plants with some made of only one or two cells making most of their own food materials through photosynthesis using sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide.  Planktonic algae (which I think is what we have) blooms prolifically in nutrient-rich water.  These nutrients can be produced by fish, heavy feeding of fish, and bird traffic.  Mix it with the warm sun and you get a covering of algae.  It only takes a single spore to birth a huge, visible, mucky colony.  A big thank you goes out to Jeannie for taking care of this . . . "Dirty Job".
The warm weather could not have been any better for algae.  There are chemicals that can be used to reduce the plume but you have to be very careful or it hurts the wildlife and makes the water black.  It is a delicate balance act.   She is now working with a company that has Eco friendly options.  Unfortunately, we are getting late in the season so the fountain will not be reinstalled.