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Open Letter of Thank You
Posted on Sep 28th, 2016

Dear Skyline Neighborhood,
I wanted to take a few moments and say how very thrilled my family and I are to be a part of The Skyline Community.  I want to say a few thank yous and to tell you just why we have found this neighborhood to be so special.
When we first moved in, we were so busy trying to take care of water issues in the basement and around the house, we must have seemed aloof, but out neighbor, Howard, has been so thoughtful and gracious.  He has stopped over to help whenever he sees us outside and even brought over some of his first lettuce to share. Such a wonderful giving neighbor.
Another neighbor, Sue, stopped over to meet us and the kids and brought them a wonderful popcorn basket.  So very gracious and kind – and greatly enjoyed by the kiddos!  It was a hit, Thank You.
A big Thank You to our neighbors Paul and Brenda Jacobsen and to Jeannie Peterson who threw a wonderful “Get To Know Your Neighbors” party for us back in late July.  That was so very thoughtful.  Another neighbor Phil, whom we met at the party, brought over rhubarb for me to make crisps with and to jelly.  He even baked us some wonderful zucchini bread. Again - Thank You.
A huge THANK YOU to Ryan who lives right behind us.  He saw us trying to dig over 100 post holes for the new horse fence with a gas auger and took pity on us. He came to the rescue with a Bobcat.  We tried to pay him, but all he will accept is a cheesecake and possibly a lasagna.  Both are on the way!
Thank you to the Vigneri Family a house or two up.  Their kids have helped our kids so much with the move by simply coming over and having play dates.  New friends always makes a neighborhood feel like home.
After months of waiting, we finally brought our horses home to Skyline Ranches on Labor Day.  My little Paso Fino /Quarter Horse mix has to wear a grazing muzzle.  She has laminitis and is a glutton!  Well, as you can imagine given her DNA, she is VERY CLEVER! She left the grazing muzzle on the first day or two, no issues.  Then on day 3 she started pulling it off. Well, you can guess where this is going…she ate WAY TO MUCH GRASS and started to get into trouble.  Thank goodness for our other neighbors Phil and Janice.  God love Janice.  The poor woman was covered in poison ivy and not at all comfortable, but she came right out and helped me take care of Fancy Pants. Janice listened to her gut for bowl sounds, she helped me walk Fancy around and kept checking her.  I’m delighted to say all turned out well. Another example of such an amazing neighbor and friend.
This is a community that has really made us feel welcome.  I am sure I have missed several acts of kindness shown by so many.  Everyone adjacent has come over to say hello.  The kids are looking forward to 4-H and meeting more kiddos.  There is such a wonderful sense of community that I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to everyone who has helped us as we try to rebuild this home and become more involved in the community. We feel very blessed and welcomed and look forward to getting to know you all better.
Leslie and Roger Knobbe.