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Lost Pets in Skyline
Posted on Sep 28th, 2016

As you read this, please remember that I care deeply for animals and I do not want to offend anyone.  I don’t want to come off callus.  I’m just passing on information.
To date I have heard about 14 cats and 3 dogs that have gone missing and not returned to their owners in the last couple months.  The Nebraska Game and Parks came out and checked out the tracks from the last dog-napping.  Unfortunately, the tracks appear to be that of a raccoon and not a bobcat.  There have been no sightings, scat, or tracks to help them determine what kind of predator is in the area.  Sadly, there have been no remains to give us any clues either. 
The next concern I have heard is about the well being of our children.  Believe it or not coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions and any other predator you can think of, has been here and live in our community on a regular basis.  Rarely do we see them, because they are afraid of us.  I’m not saying that there are never problems. I’m saying that it is so rare and very unlikely that anything will ever happen.  We are the apex predator and they are afraid of us.  We are not their regular prey and they would prefer to run and hide.
With that said, we are limited as to what we can do.  If we set live traps or baits, we risk hurting our own animals.  We cannot use guns or crossbows in the neighborhood, because it is against the law and we risk injury or worse to humans and pets. 
Game and Parks said that we need to cut off their food supply and this will be encouraged to move on.  They won’t move on as long as they have easy prey.  They suggest that when we let our pets outside, even in an enclosed fenced area, we need to be physically outside with them.  If you watch them from a door or window, whatever is taking them will have no incentive to leave them alone.  They want nothing to do with humans and your presence is pretty much all it will take to keep your pet safe. 
Don't forget  . . . turn on your outside lights.  They do most of their hunting at dusk, dawn, and night and lights will help detour them.